• Geo-Equilibria

    Balancing the Earth.

    A black owned consulting service firm. The firm is composed of Earth Scientists with a special blend of skills, which makes them uniquely positioned to tackle different types of problems.

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    Our Services

    We offer a variety of services within the industry.

    Hydrogeological services

    We offer a variety of hydrogeological services within the industry.

    Environmental Authorisations

    We offer a variety of hydrogeological services within the industry.


    We offer a variety of Geotechnical services within the industry.



    Our vision is to use our in depth understanding of the equilibrium in Earth’s natural systems to provide efficient solutions to our clients.

    Mission Statement

    The company’s mission is to become a leader in providing Mining, Geological and Environmental services in Africa.


    Our Team

    (PR. SCI. NAT)
    Project Leader

    Bachelor of Earth Sciences Mining and Environmental Geology
    I am a professional registered scientist (Pr. Sci. Nat) with over 10 years’ geological experience and a postgraduate qualification in geostatistics, mineral resource estimation and mining geology. I have conducted various resource estimation, reviews and audits for large mining firms and reconciliation of mined coal with Eskom power stations.

    I also have experience in geological database management and quality control implementation. I gained experience in the operational mines, exploration projects and consulting environment. I am experienced in number of commodities such as coal, iron ore, chrome, diamond, gold, fluorspar, titanium, manganese, copper, limestone and heavy mineral sands. I have conducted technical visits/investigations to the projects in Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, and the Republic of South Africa.
    I compiled number of mineral resource reports in accordance with the requirements of the various regulatory requirements or codes (SAMREC, JORC and NI43-101). I have acted as Competent Person (CP) or Qualified Person (QP) on numerous projects

    Environmental Manager

    Bachelor of Earth Sciences Mining and Environmental Geology
    Aluwani is an experienced environmental scientist with a Bachelor of Earth Sciences Mining and Environmental Geology qualification from University of Venda. Aluwani has over 5 years of experience in various industry and includes; large scale renewable energy, construction monitoring, waste, industrial, agricultural, municipal service infrastructure, industrial, low-cost housing, mining, residential and water resource management.

    Aluwani is experienced in projects which includes the facilitation of Environmental Impact Assessments, Mining License applications, Water-Use License Applications, Air Emission License Applications, Waste License Applications, undertaking Screening and Feasibility Assessments and the development of Environmental Management Plans.

    Aluwani has experience in the environmental management of projects during the full life cycle of the project, including from the pre-construction and planning stage, construction and operation stage, decommissioning and site rehabilitation.
    Her role as Head of the Environmental Department is managing of various environmental licensing processes and overseeing the environmental projects.

    (PR. SCI. NAT)

    Bachelor of Earth Sciences Mining and Environmental Geology
    Brian is certified Geologist who obtained his honours degree in Mining and Environmental Geology at the University of Venda. He undertook comprehensive geological field mapping training at Tshipise and at the Baberton Greenstone Belt. He graduated top of his class and has in-depth knowledge in Hydrogeology, Geotechnical Engineering, Mining and Geographic Information System.
    He was involved in a training program in a firm that processes drill cores for geological applications. His Honours research investigated the application of SWIR as mineral alteration mapping tool in mining and exploration, a case study of the Barberton Greenstone Belt. This helped him gain the following skills.
    Spectral data acquisition using Hyperspectral cameras; Image processing which included data enhancement techniques; Data analysis using ENVI, Intellicore and other related software; Spectral interpretation; and Borehole interpretation which included core logging, borehole interpretation, drilling techniques in exploration, and spectral interpretation of boreholes.
    He has been involved in a number of Geotechnical Engineering, Hydrogeological and Environmental Assessment projects.

    (PR. SCI. NAT)

    Bachelor of Earth Sciences Mining and Environmental Geology
    Khano has over 5 years’ experience in spectral data acquisition using hyperspectral spectral cameras, this includes conducting QAQC routines to ensure the best quality of the data is captured. He has been exposed to different spectral acquisition instruments.
    Khano has experience in template design and image processing, he has designed a number of templates for Iron, Diamond, Gold, Coal, oil and gas projects. This includes performing data enhancement techniques to extract the maximum possible information from a drill core sample.
    Mr. Mushiana has experience in data quality analysis using ENVI, Intellicore and other related software’s.
    Mr. Mushiana has experience in spectral interpretation from various deposits such as Iron Ore, Kimberlites, Gold, Oil and gas, etc. This includes research projects which seeks to find better ways of extracting valuable geological information from drill cores.
    Mr. Mushiana also has experience borehole interpretation. This includes core logging, borehole interpretation, drilling techniques in exploration, spectral interpretation of boreholes, etc., and detailed experience in geological data capturing which includes capturing of hyperspectral data and integration of different geological and assay data.