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Our Services

Geotechnical Studies

• Municipal, Civil and Mine Infrastructure Geotechnical Investigations;

• Foundation Investigations;

• Geotechnical Input to EIA Studies;

• Slope Stability Assessments;

• Terrain Evaluation;

• Field Data Acquisition, Interpretation and Analysis;

• Laboratory Data Interpretation and Analysis Site Characterization;

• Ground Stabilization Evaluation;

• Embankment and Cutting Stability and Construction Monitoring;

• Geotechnical Core Logging, Sampling, Data Interpretation and Analysis; and

• Mining Geotechnical Investigations. 

Hydrogeological Studies

• Catchment Hydrology and Resource Evaluations;

• Integrated Water Management;

• Flood Hydrology and Flood Lines;

• Storm Water Management Plans and Designs;

• Dam Yield Analysis;

• Water Footprinting;

• Hydrological Modelling and Numerical
Groundwater Modelling;

• Hydrochemistry and Contamination Studies;

• Hydrocensus and hydrochemical assessments;

• Groundwater exploration; and

• Borehole construction, development and geological logging;

Environmental Studies

• Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA);

• Environmental Audits;

• Site Remediation Services;

• Natural Resource Management;

• Waste Management;

• Policy, Licensing and Litigation Support Services;

• Contamination Assessments and Control;
• Risk Evaluation;

• Air and Water Quality Consulting;

• Storm Water Management Plans; and

• Sustainable Development Consulting. 

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