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About Us

Geo-Equilibria is a black owned consulting service firm. The firm is composed of Earth Scientists with a special blend of skills, which makes them uniquely positioned to tackle different types of problems. Geo-Equilibria offers a variety of Mining, Geological, Environmental, Hydrogeological, and Geotechnical services, including but not limited to Geological Mapping, Ore-body Modelling and Evaluation, Geological Model Development, Storm Water Management Plans and Designs, and Environmental Impact Assessments.
Geo-Equilibria has an experienced team that understands the Earth’s natural processes at a fundamental level. The team has established links between the dynamic geologic, hydrologic and environmental systems, and uses this integrated knowledge when confronting all problems.
Geo-Equilibria provides services to the following industries: Mining; Civil; Land Development; Renewable Energy; Transport; and Manufacturing, in both the private and public sectors. The diversity of the services that are offered by Geo-Equilibria makes its potential for growth endless. Geo-Equilibria’s operations were developed using international benchmarks from leading countries in the fields. It uses advanced technological equipment for data acquisition and analysis. Geo-Equilibria aims to promote sustainable social development.
Vision Statement

Our vision is to use our in depth understanding of the equilibrium in Earth’s natural systems to provide efficient solutions to our clients.
Mission Statement

The company’s mission is to become a leader in providing Mining, Geological and Environmental services in Africa.

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